uh, hey, about the scam post…

hey peoples, i just need talk.

yep, the picture explains  pretty much, look; ive been reading the comments, replies, and those anons too…

no. its not something i made up;

no, i know is my fault to trust too much, but how could i guess? the keldeo is not gts tradeable, i had great past trades with random anons- friends start as strangers…

no, i dont want get it back, no drama on me-

i just want help others ‘naive’ like me, about this person…

im not creating the fact, its not funny at all…



when u walk away..

u dont.. hear me say…..

pls……… oh baby…. don’t go………….


simple and clean…… is the way that ur makin me feel tonight……

its hard 2 let it… go…………..



Artist: 橘(かなやん)


here i go, the giveaway winner gave up so ill have to raffle other….and i feel like making a shiny pansear giveaway too


12th April 2014 - Fishing Tourney

aka Chip’s lunch scam and where the Mayor gives up lmao.

at least it was nice for Cleytus since it’s his first tourney. he joined the Mayor who’s already been fishing in the morning. Cleytus filled up most of his encyclopedia and even scored a cool oar fish (which he didn’t give to Chip of course). it was terrible for the Mayor, who was actually looking forward to getting the puffer fish TV and red snapper chair. most of the furniture given by Chip were duplicates of the previous set and TONS AND TONS OF HOSPITAL AND SCIENCE FURNITURE MY GOD IT’S LIKE CLEYTUS WAS BLESSED BY ACNL BASED GODS.

and Ceter didn’t participate because he hates fishing, but you can bet ur ass that he’ll take part in Weeding Day. he adopted some crabs too, the Mayor got like 12 of those i’m crying.

I may have accidentally read through 120+ pages of your blog today... >.<

wow o,o


I wanted to mess around with Elsa’s color scheme. I wanted to see her as a brunette and boom the curiosity gave birth to this ROTG AU alksjd